Dan Moses

Musician / Instrument Inventor

Musical Instrument Inventions


The Kalichord Strum has been designed to designed to offer keyboardists an intuitive and expressive way to play rhythmic strumming parts in real time. The Kalichord Strum was a finalist in the 2016 Guthman Musical Instrument Competition.


During my employment at Sennheiser, I have been lucky enough to be tech lead and interaction design lead on a project called "Tahoe", which is a microphone with MIDI controls embedded in it. The concept is simple - add buttons, faders, and motion sensors to a microphone. You can use the buttons for live looping, toggling effects, and even panning by pointint the mic (we embedded a gyro and accellerometer). You can see video of the Tahoe mic from NAMM 2011 here:

The Kalichord


"One of the best NIME's I've ever seen" - Perry Cook

The Kalichord is a hybrid electro-acoustic instrument, sort of a cross between a kalimba, kora, and accordian, you play basslines with your left hand and pluck virtual digital strings with your right hand. The Kalichord was a finalist in the 2010 Guthman Musical Instrument Competition. Read More